Ashley’s Broadcasting Network


Welcome to my news channel. This is a place for all things ashley. Random thoughts, latest adventures, new projects and the like. I will try to update at least once in a while ... so you out there can quietly judge me. I hope it is not to boring.... and if i am a bit too full of myself, I trust you will let me know ... all forms of criticism are welcome.

Planning a trip

I am going on an adventure this coming January, it only remains to decide on where to go. the Choices are New Zeland-Fiji-Australia-Papua or South Africa-Lesotho-Swaziland-Malawi or even Argentina-Uruguay-Paraguay-Brazil. Perhaps two smaller trips or just a month in Madagascar .... Descisions, decisions, decisions !

Getting a home



I have taken a serious decision to buy my own apartment. The road will be long and i will need to make a great effort, but at the end it is a life changing endeavor. I have been dreaming about this for years and now ..... focus and determination .... and we'll see. Wish me all the luck, i will need it